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At you can launch unlimited free Joomla or Wordpress sites and they will host the site for you for free, indefinitely. You'll be able to use Cloud Control Panel (CCP) features to a manage the application and all you need to do is renew the application within the CCP once every 30 days to keep the site active. Learn how to launch your free Joomla site.


Joomla Video Tutorials

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So, now that you have created your free Joomla website your probably thinking to yourself...  What do I do next.  Here is where Cloud Access comes to the rescue again.  They have created a 15 part Joomla Video guiding you through the basics of launching abd building your site.  You can pause, rewind, skip ahead and learn many core Joomla features in juat about an hour.



Upgrading to a Hosting & Support Package

Cloud Access offers a variety of hosting and support packages to meet any budget. Your free Joomla site receives a limited amount of site resources, support and a sub-domain name. If you'd like more resources, a higher level of support or a custom domain name, upgrade today. View Cloud Access hosting and support plans and pricing information.


Get Access to Cloud Access Support Team

At they have an industry-leading support team. If you upgrade to one of their paid hosting and support packages you can submit online tickets or call them to get direct, one-on-one help. They can help you with CloudBase 3 questions but we can also help you with core Joomla or hosting issues. Learn more about their award-winning support team.