KW Consulting Plus was established in 2005.  We origionally focued on consulting with companies I had previously work with.  When we were looking for a name we weren't sure what exactly we would be doing, so we decided to add the Plus at the end of our name.  This would give us the flexability to grow into different areas.

Joomla LogoIn 2006 we were approached by Terry Woodbeck with Tulsa Spine Hospital and asked to create a Joomla website.  Tulsa Spine Hospital later added other specialties and changed their name to Tulsa Spine and Specialty Hospital, which is one of the premier specialty hospitals in the Tulsa area.  At the time I was unfamiliar with Joomla, so I started researching this Content Management System (CMS).  I was very impressed with how this systems was developed and the wide variety of templates and add-on modules and plug-ins that were available for free along with other more developed paid options.  I could organize and put a website together in a very short time.  We support and updated their website until 2011, when they outsourced it to a larger marketing firm.

To really make a website look great you need really nice graphics.  So I began doing some graphic design work with Photoshop.  This is one of my passions.  I love taking an ordinary photo and merging it with other elements and making it an attention grabbing element without going over the top.  There is a fine balance between drawing attention to an article and just drawing attention to the graphics.  The graphic needs to compliment the article and not detract from it.

GoogleAnalyticsLogo horiz 100pxAround 2015 we began to discover the power of Google Analytics.  I know it been around for a decade not, but I just never had the time to focus my attention on it.


Mailchimp Intuit Eyebrow Logo Black

In 2016 we began to focus on Digital Marketing.  Right now we are working with MailChimp, which is one of the leaders in the Digital Marketing area.  It's especially great if you are just beginning to develop your business and you want a way to communicate with your clients, potential clients, and followers.  If you have less that 2,000 subscribers they have an option which is available for Free.  I know money is hard to come by sometimes when you are just beginning to develop your company, so this could be a great options for you.